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Art Classes and Creative Workshops in the heart of West Sussex

Portraits and Book Illustrations

Bespoke Design Service for Interiors and Gardens 


We do everything we can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our attendees.

Hazards and risks will be clearly stated during each session, with any appropriate safety equipment in place.

Covid Precautions

In order to reassure all and to minimise risks attendees are requested to take a LF Covid test the day before the course/class. The Studio will be well ventilated at all times, hand sanitiser will be available as well as masks for those that wish to wear them.


If you have booked a class but are unwell, please do not attend; you will be offered either an alternative date or a refund.

What We Offer

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Design: Interiors and


Design Services offered include Domestic and Commercial Interiors; and garden design.


Commissions Welcome

Commissions undertaken. Past projects include book illustrations and portraits. 

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Art Classes

 Enhance your artistic abilities in our skills based Art Classes. Small groups and friendly.

Shaping Clay

Creative Workshops

Explore new techniques and have fun in our Creative Art Workshops. Small groups and friendly.

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Individual Sessons

If you prefer to learn on a one on one basis to maximise your time and tuition, then contact us for dates and prices.

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Parties -
Children or Adults

Parties are available for anyone aged 6 - 100!.

Can be any of the classes on offer, tailored to suit.

Please contact us for dates and details.

Next Courses

Launching Fully from February 2022

Most Recent Review:

Being impressed with Lisa’s art work I was keen to attend when I learned she has been able to open a studio enabling her to run courses. I love art but struggle to accurately reproduce what I see in front of me. My work often looks flat and one dimensional. Today I attended the Observational Drawing and Painting course.  I learnt so much.  

Lisa is a natural teacher. Initially I felt a bit daunted by the objects she placed in front of me. However, Lisa quickly put me at ease. Cleverly by asking me to focus on various aspects such as depth and weight of line, use of negative space , clever tricks to ensure proper placement of the drawing on the paper and noticing the relationships of lines of the objects to one another Lisa soon had me drawing in a manner which made my pictures 3 dimensional and come alive.

Lisa was very attentive sensing when I needed assistance, advice or correction without seeming to hover over or to be constantly observing me.  The day whizzed past. It was great fun and extremely good value for money. I left feeling inspired and far more confident in my own ability, and exhausted from all the concentration involved. I will certainly be returning to pursue more of Lisa’s courses.

Thank you so much for a fabulous day Lisa.


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