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Coneyhurst Studios and Lisa Ashton

When you come to Coneyhurst Studios you will receive a warm welcome and explore your creative side in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All Classes and Workshops will be in groups of no more than 6.

Most sessions will take place in the studio or our wildlife friendly garden.


At Coneyhurst Studios we believe that Art is for All.

We are an inclusive organisation and look forward to attendees of all ages and abilities.

The studio is on the ground floor, so wheel chair access is straightforward. 

Lisa is passionate art teacher, who graduated with a Bed Hons (Cantab) and a love of sculpture. Shortly after she then went to Chelsea College and gained a Btec with Merit in Interior Design. She enjoys working both domestic as well as commercial designs. She is currently the art teacher at Cottesmore Preparatory school.

She has been lucky enough to create gardens in Nigeria, Turkmenistan, France as well as several locations in England over the last 30 years.

Lisa combines her extensive gardening knowledge and creativity to offer a range of interior and garden design services.

Lisa enjoys the opportunity to do commissions bespoke pieces of work.


Bespoke Painting

I have known Lisa for many years and have always been hugely impressed with her art. Her work is rich, imaginative and she is willing to tackle different subject matters and styles. I finally plucked up courage and asked her to paint a piece for me based on an idea in my head that I could never really find in anywhere online our in galleries. She involved me in the evolution of the work, which was an experience in itself; and I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Her interpretation of my "ramblings" was perfect in terms of style, light and use of colour; all underpinned by he own originality.

Let her paint for you, you won't regret it!

Jacqui of Kirdford

shopr interior 1.jpg

Shop Design

Lisa gladly took on the challenge of designing my brand new shop. Her initial guidance and help to establish the concept was invaluable, as I didn't have a clue. Lisa went on to source and cost all the products needed. Her vision was clear and the end result has people popping into the shop and saying how amazing it looks. Down to the last little details, everything compliments everything else. The shop is easily navigable for customers and draws them in.  From my point it has proved to be beautiful but practical for my needs. I cannot thank her enough for her hard work and dedication to the project.

I would recommend her to anyone, whatever your project.

Angela Mockett of Hassocks

Dance Wear - On The Move

working in oil pastels _edited.jpg

Art Classes

There was an immediate sense of familiarity in the class and I almost forgot what I was learning because of the relaxed atmosphere. In a beautiful location too.

(attended the figure drawing and the colour mixing class)

C, Brighton


Book illustrations

They look amazing.

I am so happy with the images, they really are perfect; 

thank you.

Marina Fernandez, Brighton

Author of "Balance"


Birthday Surprise

It's fabulous, she  loved it;

 thank you.

G, Horsham


Anniversary Portrait



It's beautiful and you have captured us perfectly.

H, Petworth

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